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Jan Hardy, profile

Jan Hardy is the District Manager for Wessex: I’ve been asked to give a you a brief account about me. I have been a member of the PF for about 20 years (or more!), I was an originally Regional Co-ordinator … Continue reading

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What is magic?

Lily Oak, Regional Coordinator for Northumbria, shares this reflection: If you are reading this expecting long mysterious explanations of cryptic ceremonies used to conjure magic, I am afraid I am about to disappoint you. What is magic? Everything. Where is … Continue reading

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The praise, a pagan parable

Luthaneal Adams, Deputy District Manager for London, shares his parable: When I was young, I was a farmer.  I learnt how to tend the crops and to bring in the harvest.  Each night, we farmers would sit down to eat the … Continue reading

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The broom closet

This is a discussion I’d love to get going here or back on our Facebook group. There are all sorts of arguments for and against keeping our beliefs private, and I’d love to see people discussing them. The BBC article … Continue reading

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Bee, Regional Coordinator for South Wales sent us this 2011 poem by Jason Alex Gardiner: Empty place, no thing is stirring People come, a moot occurring Change their form, by different clothing Crack of twig, the stragglers hove in. Meet … Continue reading

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Thanks, Jack Dark!

Jack Dark, the author of Very brief history of British paganism, has responded to the immense popularity of his piece by very kindly releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. This means you can republish this work, … Continue reading

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The voices of the wells

Rod Thorn, District Manager for South Central, shares his article: Wells and springs are special places, where life-giving waters rise from secret underground places into the light of day. When the waters flow, life is abundant, but when the wells … Continue reading

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Finding a coven

Suki Kettleoff writes: One of the most common enquiries that pagan organisations receive is “how do I join a witches’ coven?” It’s a question that has several answers, but even before a straight and informed answer is given, there are … Continue reading

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Very brief history of British paganism

Jack Dark shares this humourous (and fairly controversial!) history: Right. Here’s my very, very quick and slightly dodgy history of paganism in the UK. I’m doing this off the top of my head and without checking sources, so please bear … Continue reading

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Multifaith on the Isle of Wight

Paul Taylor shares this information: Multifaith services based on Interfaith principles are up and running on the Isle of Wight. Officiated by Pagan priest Paul (Wiccan High Priest) and Jude-ith, a priestess in her 2nd year of Interfaith training, a … Continue reading

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