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Jan Hardy is the District Manager for Wessex:

I’ve been asked to give a you a brief account about me.

I have been a member of the PF for about 20 years (or more!), I was an originally Regional Co-ordinator for ten counties–we were very small then–I used to write to everyone by hand because we had no emails or text then. I did that for ten enjoyable years and found other people to take on those many roles and became District Manager of the PF Wessex and as they say the rest is history.

I follow a very traditional Wiccan path with my husband–we have successfully run a coven for the past 35 years. We find it a way of life, not a religion; we try to be honest and kind to all we meet and also to be informative if we can. (I have to include Rob
in most of what I am saying as I could not do any of this without him.)

We also run a very successful moot in Gloucestershire (now at the Three Horseshoes’, Frampton on the Severn).

We have 3 children whom “my goodness me” have produced ten grandchildren. We live on a narrow boat on the Gloucester Sharpness Canal, with a very relaxed way of life.

I also play music at our local folk night–it usually turns into a very raucous sing song.

I am a healer with the NFSH now renamed The Healing Trust.

I try to find the joy in life and pass it on to my fellow friends, who are numerous.

Bright Blessings,


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    1. David Barker says:

      Hi Jan – just saw you in the local press. I am a video maker currently gathering material on the wisdom of older (retired – please don’t be offended) people – with a view to launching a ‘website of wisdom’ (working title) to give older people a voice and to inspire others by example. I was fascinated by your story and would love to talk to you re the possibility of filming an interview/creating a short documentary which could eventually be included in the project. It would be great to have a Pagan perspective on our current predicaments – a perspective with which I have more than a little sympathy. Would it be possible to film your address to the conference/do general event shots tomorrow in Stroud to use as supporting material?

      David Barker

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