Multifaith on the Isle of Wight

Paul Taylor shares this information:

Multifaith services based on Interfaith principles are up and running on the Isle of Wight. Officiated by Pagan priest Paul (Wiccan High Priest) and Jude-ith, a priestess in her 2nd year of Interfaith training, a pilot service was held last November which was very successful in generating a lot of local interest. Since that initial service we have held the following Multifaith services:

  • Wintervale – at the Winter solstice
  • Earth Stirrings – at Imbolc
  • May day Ways – at Beltane
  • Cornucopia – at Lammas

Within all those services we have dedicated Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan slots, and also use teachings from Essene wisdom, Sufi Islam, Tao, and western mysticism. We have found that the deep mysticism within all the religions relate to the Divine in the same way. That is the beauty of Multifaith, where that deep truth can be demonstrated to the public.

Multifaith on the Island is evolving and strengthening. Suddenly the Unitarian movement in the South has sat up and taken notice and declared that is the future for Unitarianism. The next service is on 30th September, where we shall let the Buddhist and Hindu control the service.

Yes it is hard work, but it is so rewarding and so much fun.

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    1. Yewtree says:

      More interfaith-y goodness…

      WCF interfaith animal celebration at GGU on 2 September

      On Sunday 2 September 2012 at 3 pm Golders Green Unitarians will be hosting the ninth World Congress of Faiths Interfaith Celebration of Animals.This will bring together representatives of the major world religious traditions and of leading animal welfare organizations.

      The keynote address, entitled World Religions and Our Universal Kinship, will be given by Rev. Feargus O’Connor, Hon. Secretary of the World Congress of Faiths and Chair of the Unitarian Animal Welfare Society, who will be speaking on the positive role of the world’s religions in working to bring about a compassionate world where all living beings can live in peace, safe from the threat of violence and exploitation.

      There will be a voluntary collection for the Disasters Fund of the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the Universal Kinship Fund of the Dr.Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, a registered charity which funds vital medical research without animal experimentation and so helps save both human and animal lives. People of all faiths and none and canine friends will be warmly welcome.

      Golders Green Unitarian Church is in Hoop Lane, near the Central Hotel. Nearest Tube station is Golders Green (Edgware branch of the Northern Line). For further details please contact Rev. Feargus O’Connor, telephone 020 7837 4472, email:

    2. Yewtree says:

      Just to point out that interfaith is also the past and present of Unitarianism, not just its future.

      Unitarians founded the World Parliament of Religions, and were the first to open dialogue with other faiths. They are heavily involved in the Interfaith movement, and recently supported the Druid Network’s application to become part of the UK Interfaith Network.

      Unitarians also campaign actively for marriage equality, and strongly support women’s rights (since the 1840s) and LGBT rights (since 1970) and were the first denomination in England to ordain a woman (Gertrude von Petzold in 1904).

      I think the Pagan Federation should work with the Unitarians on social justice issues of mutual concern. Where was the PF in the marriage equality campaign? Yes I know Pagans can’t do legal opposite-sex marriages either, but the marriage equality campaign would have been an ideal opportunity to point that out, loudly and publicly. And yes I know the PF has limited resources, but that’s why allying with similar groups would be a good idea.

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