Pan at dusk

Chrysanthemum, Regional Coordinator for Kingston and Twickenham shares this original poem:

Warm air breathes across the grass
And I reach for the swifts
Against the soft, pink sunset.
How I love the darkening trees
And the blackbird evensong
At the close of a summer day.

The magic of dusk excites me
As I sense behind the garden shed
The silent movement of our God.
In the hidden, maleness of the lightless shade,
There’s a gentle whispering of man
And the hushed comfort of His name:

Softly, softly Pan,
Softly, softly a gentle joy,
A gentle murmur of reeds, streams, twittering and pipe song
Drift their way into wakeful dreams,
Hear Him,
Know Him,

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    2 Responses to Pan at dusk

    1. Chrysanthemum says:

      Thanks Tanga – I wanted to get that slightly wistful feeling – when you don’t want the moment to end. I adore summer evenings. Blessings

    2. Tanga ---------- says:

      I love the 1st verse – you put the words into my mouth.
      Thankyou Chrysanthemum.

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