Bee, Regional Coordinator for South Wales sent us this 2011 poem by Jason Alex Gardiner:

Empty place, no thing is stirring
People come, a moot occurring
Change their form, by different clothing
Crack of twig, the stragglers hove in.

Meet and greet, the hands a shaking
Litter cleared, the layout staking
New ones shy, small talk a making
Smiles of glee and no one’s faking.

Spark of life, a new fire glowing
Light the dark, old Evil going
Altar set up, circle forming
Backs are cold, but faces warming.

Call the old Gods, power’s pending
Cast the circle, calm descending
With words and deeds, air is roiling
Through our spells, a mist uncoiling.

Songs are sung, our words unfurling
Essence rises, orbs are swirling
Minds are strong, and hearts are mending
With these tools, the veil, we’re rending.

Hot wax dribbles, time space bending
Magick gathers, sparks ascending
Through the mist, red webs appearing
Those voices gone, we’re almost hearing.

Loved ones missed, to them we’re calling
Gone before, their threads we haul in
Speak to lost ones, still we’re grieving
Now it’s done, we all start healing.

The rituals worked, spirits ascending
Circle opened, Magick ending
Relax a little, tension’s easing
Remember hunger, smell appealing.

Food stands ready, good cheer lending
Table groaning, middle bending
Bread and cheese so satisfying
Watch your waistline? no point in trying.

Some drink wine, some new befriending
Old friends chat, music is blending
Time slips by, the cracks are showing
Goodnight to all, I must be going.

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    2 Responses to Samhain

    1. Crystal @ FP says:

      I LOVE this poem! Beautiful!

      • Bee says:

        Thank you Crystal, we are very proud of Jason down here in Wales, he is a master black smith and a mast word smith.
        bb bee

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