What is magic?

Lily Oak, Regional Coordinator for Northumbria, shares this reflection:

If you are reading this expecting long mysterious explanations of cryptic ceremonies used to conjure magic, I am afraid I am about to disappoint you.

What is magic? Everything.

Where is magic? Everywhere.

You just have to learn to see it, feel it and recognise it. For me at least, magic isn’t something we create it is something we use. A type of energy given of by every natural thing. Think more Lyra’s dust, than Mr Potters Wand.

Just as all natural things differ in species, mineral type, personality, etc., so does the magic they radiate. From the purification properties of copal, to the deep passions inspired by garnet. Sometimes these magic energies combine in a way that jumps out at us, makes itself so tangible that even the most stoic of sceptics would struggle to deny it. The moment the dipping sun hits the right spot on the horizon causing the sky to flood crimson. Sunlight catching dew drops on unfurling ferns in spring. Frost encased spiders webs on crisp autumn morns.

It is how magic is utilised that gives us the diverse make-up of witchcraft and spell casting we have today. Every path and every individual practitioner has a different way of connecting to these energies that is as unique as each of us are as people.

The different magical energies can also be related to in different ways by different individuals, a lot of people find that despite every book on spell casting they have ever read saying a particular crystal carries one type of magic, they pick up another from it. Of course there will be large similarities between some, otherwise group work and covens would not work as well as they do.

And then there are others that prefer keeping their workings private and something they only share with themselves. Due to witchcraft being a lot more publicly discussed than it once was practitioners are now able to talk about the way they see magic, discuss their path, it’s history and it’s believes. This enables us to not only look at what magic is to ourselves, but also what it is to others. It allows us to change out perspective of what magic is and learn and grow because of it.

Magic is something that effects all of us whether we choose to work with it or not, at some point in your life, no matter what your views on witchcraft or spell casting, you’ll be affected by it.

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    2 Responses to What is magic?

    1. Tanga ---------- says:

      Magic is Life and Life is magic.
      We just have to learn how to see it that way.
      Thankyou Lily.

      • Caillean says:


        Verdade, fazemos magia desde o momento que acordamos e ainda continuamos mesmo dormindo atraves dos sonhos. A Magia Natural é linda e inerente a todos de varias formas. Mas a propria fisica quantica nos mostra faz compreender um outro tipo de magia, no sentido de que tudo é energia e como energia as coisas tem uma vibraçao e uma frequencia. Estou praticando os dois caminhos e me sinto muito feliz!


        Caillean )0(

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