Your Pagan Federation Needs You!

The Pagan Federation Needs You!The Pagan Federation has been working away to progress the rights of Pagans, for many years. Until recently we have been quite modest about our work..then we hit our 40th birthday and thought, you know what?…we do great work here and we ought to blow our own trumpet a bit more!

We have helped to put pagan spirituality on the interfaith stage, to be recognised in the public sector, we have helped to inform the public and private sector about our pagan spirituality and dispel some of the misunderstandings they might have about us, we have developed hospital and prison ministries, we provide solvent and positive representatives for the media, an advocacy service, we host not-for-profit open events and rituals for the pagan community, we provide a national network for pagans to meet each other, we are currently developing a celebrants and rights-of-passage resource, we produce the Pagan Dawn magazine and a lot more besides.

The Pagan Federation are a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, and therefore we are only as strong as our membership. Please join us in our work, and help make us even more extraordinary.

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    1. I.D. says:

      I love this poster, hilarious twist on a cliche! I would like to see a whole series of these posters with different faces.

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