Aradia’s King

The Chanting HedgeWitch shares this poem she wrote for Samhain, 1992:

Bewitched by Diana’s gentle beam
I turned down the wooded willow green.
I had no prayers – no goal in sight –
Yet brightly, did he reveal his might.

There! The fawned shoulders starred,
The mane of mottled forest guard.
I saw hooves, firm as Gaia’s bed
And pointed rays, that crowned his head.

Struck in awe at his great height
My lips did drop the name of light;
And pausing, he turned and smiled at me
With visage plain, guileless and free.

Sweet reeds of the seventh did he grasp
To weave the mystic song of life’s past;
And nature enchanted, held her breath,
His beauty to embrace and caress.

Oh would I!
That he guideth me nigh.

Hail Pan!
Hail cloven hooved God of last!

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    3 Responses to Aradia’s King

    1. Chrysanthemum says:

      I loved it – a shiver went up my spine and then warmth….
      Blessed Be x

    2. Lady Aurora says:

      This is a beautiful poem! Perfect to be read at Samhain circle I’ll perform this year. I will borrow and return, on my honor:) ~BB~

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