Lucy Greenwood says, “I’m fairly new on my path. It can be very daunting to actively involve yourself in a world full of passionate and well practised people.Β I wrote a poem inspired by beginnings.” She shares her poem:

Every beginning starts with a shoot, but as it grows it will firmly root.
Life as an anchor, light as a guide.
Fear and woe have no place to hide.
Open mind and open heart, perfectly matched to a positive start.

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    1. Tanga ---------- says:

      “With life as your anchor, and love as your guide, fear and woe have no place to hide. Breathe deep and remember the Goddess inside – for all forms and passage are pure in her eyes!”

      I’ve borrowed from you Lucy Greenwood – this is my latest healing chant (I chant in my head whilst working with most of my clients, usually when I’m working on their feet. I notice that on the days I successfully do this with a calm personal centre and null attachment (i.e. meditation really. Plus working at “interface”, which means you know where you end, and they begin)- they will make extra remarks about how good my treatment was for them.
      Thankyou !

    2. Lucy Greenwood says:

      Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

    3. Michelle Williams says:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this as a complete novice myself πŸ™‚ wonderful inspiring words πŸ™‚ x

    4. Karen Collins says:

      that is a lovely poem Lucy captures what you are saying


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