A Harvest Moon o’er Kernow tonight

As upon the Carn I stand

A view out toward the distant sea

Across this ancient land

A fire burning embers low

Ochre stain upon Pagan face

And words of Cornish chanting out

Atop this rocky place

The granite menhir tales to tell

Of birth and life and death

A thousand flint arrowheads upon this hill

Ephemeral spirits called on Wiccan breath

Guardians of East, North, South and West

Athame held aloft above chalice bright

Hands grasped in circle secured sound

As steel blade flashes in Blood Moon’s light

And rituals continue on solitary mound

Just like past times far gone on by

As Druidic ways and words unbound

Beneath thundery Celtic sky

© Myghal, Map Serpren.


Lor Trevas a-ugh Kernow haneth yn nos

Del savaf war an Carn

Gwel yn mes troha’n mor pell

Adrus an hendyr-na

Tan ow lesky lusow ysel

Dyslyw meles war enep dyscryjyk

Ha geryow a Gernewek ow curgana

War ben an tyller carnak-ma

An menhyr-growyn a lever drollys

A dhenethyans, a vewnans, a vernans

Myl pyl callester war an bre-ma

Spyryjyon anbarhus gelwys war wragh-wheth

Gwythyas a Yst ha North ha Soth ha West

Athame synsys a’ban awartha kelegel lenter

Lufyow dalghennys yn sawder a’n kelgh

Del lughes an laun dur yn golow Goslor

Ha devosow a bys war knogh dygoweth

Kepar ha termyn us passyes pell tremenys

A’n par na fordhow ha geryow drewydhnek dygelmys

War woles ebren Gelt taranek

 © Myghal Map Serpren

Gweresys gans ‘My Ha’m Ros’
PF member

JPG shows my athame, chalice and Book of Shadows on a granite stone bounding one of Cornwall’s ancient sites where rituals are frequently held

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