Why I Love My Pagan Practice

I get to play!

Reverence and Mirth, are a much more powerful combination for me, than Reverence alone.

I get to dress up and imagine I am somebody else; use tools and props, which I have enjoyed choosing or making; invent prayers, songs and ceremonies, and investigate their effectiveness.

I get to continually challenge myself to higher levels of mental and physical dexterity (e.g. meditation leads to clearer concentration. Breath exercises improve lung efficiency and energy utilization).

And so, I build on my creativity and self-confidence (self-empowerment). I reach for greater heights of self-understanding, and work towards a broader outlook on the human process ­ across borders and cultures.

To paraphrase a chap called Scott Sonnon – “You start getting old, when you stop having fun”. My Spiritual practice is, amongst many other things ­ fun!

I wish you all an enjoyable and youthful Spiritual practice, whatever it may be. 🙂

– The Chanting HedgeWitch.

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    3 Responses to Why I Love My Pagan Practice

    1. corinne says:

      I love the feeling of happiness that bubbles up when I think of my Mother goddess.
      I am lucky to live near easily accessible country walks. The best bit is when you are walking along and suddenly it seems as though something changes. A gentle stillness, and a lovely feeling of being hugged and smiled at.

    2. Bebhearli says:

      Yes, we Pagans sure do have fun in our faith….that’s why other religions are jealous!!! Blessed Be!!!

    3. Hare says:

      Fantastic! 🙂

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