Foxy and Cinders (and other stories)

by S. Ceanadach

Over the last three months I have been working for at least one day a week at a place that produces the spoken word for the blind. It’s called ‘Cue and Review’ and has its studios in Bishopbrigs, Glasgow, UK. It turned out that although quite a lot was being done for adults, there was no children’s material, no children’s stories available so I sat down and began to write some.

Other members of the community, Pagan mostly have also sent me stories and either me or one of the actors from the studios have been reading and recording the stories.
We have no idea how many people have found the stories, or who listen to them but we carry on. There are up to 2000 wireless sets that can receive the service here alone.
As this is a charity which works for Wireless for the Blind in Britain, we think it’s a good idea to produce these stories and make them available to anyone with children, to play at bedtime perhaps or simply to sit and listen while having a quieter moment.

I’d welcome any new stories for the children, so if any of the writers out there would like to ‘gift’ a short story for the blind that would be wonderful. And perhaps we can put them together and raise some money for the charity?

Some of the stories can be listened to via my website:-

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