Good morning, everyone!

It’s a really lovely morning here in London and I hope it is where you are too.

I write to publicly announce that I tendered my resignation as General Secretary of The Pagan Federation some weeks ago. My time with the PF gave me the opportunity to draw upon my strengths in order to serve the wider Pagan community and this was both rewarding and challenging, but always supporting me in my own personal path and growth. Life, however, moves on and so must I as I look towards my own future and what is next for me.

I cherish the many new friends and connections that I made through my time with the PF and hope to maintain these after I leave my role. I will continue to act as General Secretary until the end of April, after which I will move towards supporting the PF as a member.

I’m grateful for the time I’ve been with the PF and all it has provided me as well as the love and support of my fellow PF officers throughout the country.

With gratitude and blessings,
Elle Hull

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