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Foxy and Cinders (and other stories)

by S. Ceanadach Over the last three months I have been working for at least one day a week at a place that produces the spoken word for the blind. It’s called ‘Cue and Review’ and has its studios in … Continue reading

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Personal thoughts on Logos and Mythos By Rhys Chisnall

There is an old maxim that knowledge is power and one possible way of understanding spirituality and religion is through the epistemological position suggested by the historian of religion Karen Armstrong.  Armstrong (2010) and (2005) argued that the ancient Greeks … Continue reading

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Shadows in Blackpool – What do you see?

What do you see/make of the shadow in the middle of this picture taken 2012 in Blackpool.

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Why I Love My Pagan Practice

I get to play! Reverence and Mirth, are a much more powerful combination for me, than Reverence alone. I get to dress up and imagine I am somebody else; use tools and props, which I have enjoyed choosing or making; invent prayers, … Continue reading

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 A Harvest Moon o’er Kernow tonight As upon the Carn I stand A view out toward the distant sea Across this ancient land A fire burning embers low Ochre stain upon Pagan face And words of Cornish chanting out Atop … Continue reading

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Religious Education and Paganism

Earlier this year, our national media proclaimed ‘And after double maths it will be… paganism: Schools told to put witchcraft and druids on RE syllabus’.  (Read more: This article, and others like it, was in response to the publication of … Continue reading

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A Pagan on the Paranormal

David Lee, Ghosthunter, shares his article, originally posted on With the time of Samhain and the dark half of the year quickly approaching, People’s thoughts often to of departed loved ones, ancestors or just the things that go bump … Continue reading

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Online conduct of members

We, like all other organisations, need to move forward quickly to keep up to date with electronic communications. As Complaints Officer of the Pagan Federation it falls to me to remind members that the Code of Conduct applies regardless of … Continue reading

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Aradia’s King

The Chanting HedgeWitch shares this poem she wrote for Samhain, 1992: Bewitched by Diana’s gentle beam I turned down the wooded willow green. I had no prayers – no goal in sight – Yet brightly, did he reveal his might. … Continue reading

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Lucy Greenwood says, “I’m fairly new on my path. It can be very daunting to actively involve yourself in a world full of passionate and well practised people. I wrote a poem inspired by beginnings.” She shares her poem: Every beginning … Continue reading

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