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Mabon, with children

Emma Threadgold shares this post from her blog about the seasonal festival of Mabon, and a few ways it could be shared with children: Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon or Harvest Home) is celebrated when day and night are … Continue reading

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Write your own sacred text

Brynneth Nimue Brown shares this idea for a new project: I’d like to launch a project, one I hope would then run indefinitely. However, to make it work, I need input from other pagans. Lots of input. I’m aware that … Continue reading

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The Pagan Community; do we exclude children and their parents?

HB Horne, Regional Coordinator for Somerset, asks some hard questions about our responsibilities to pagan families: The pagan community has been thriving in ever increasing numbers since the 60’s. Many believe that the recent UK census will reveal that the … Continue reading

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Pagan Pride 2012

Lily Oak, Regional Coordinator for Northumbria, shares this video she produced for Pagan Pride 2012:

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