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Goats & Sheep: A season of Autumnal Fruitiness

Sorita d’Este, esoteric author, shares this post from her own blog about the use of the word “Mabon” in reference to the Autumn Equinox, the Wheel of the Year, and the importance of original thinking: My friends and colleagues will … Continue reading

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So it shall be written

Atreyu Crimmins shares this article on language, man and gods: We expend our lives in a torpid emission of discourse. High on allegory, dripping in euphemism and saturated with simulacra. Every utterance is a periphrastic orgy of recycled hot air. … Continue reading

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Roots of the Rede

Originally published in Pagan Dawn, Luthaneal Adams, Deputy District Manager for London, shares his article on the origins of the Wiccan Rede: The Wiccan Reed is one of the most well known sayings in modern Paganism and has been adopted … Continue reading

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Very brief history of British paganism

Jack Dark shares this humourous (and fairly controversial!) history: Right. Here’s my very, very quick and slightly dodgy history of paganism in the UK. I’m doing this off the top of my head and without checking sources, so please bear … Continue reading

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