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Why I Celebrate Mabon

Mish, Regional Coordinator for North Lancashire and Cumbria, shares why she calls the current celebration in the Wheel of the Year, Mabon: I’m an Eclectic Wiccan; Wiccan because I worship in a recognisably Wiccan way – inside a Circle into … Continue reading

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Goats & Sheep: A season of Autumnal Fruitiness

Sorita d’Este, esoteric author, shares this post from her own blog about the use of the word “Mabon” in reference to the Autumn Equinox, the Wheel of the Year, and the importance of original thinking: My friends and colleagues will … Continue reading

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So it shall be written

Atreyu Crimmins shares this article on language, man and gods: We expend our lives in a torpid emission of discourse. High on allegory, dripping in euphemism and saturated with simulacra. Every utterance is a periphrastic orgy of recycled hot air. … Continue reading

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Write your own sacred text

Brynneth Nimue Brown shares this idea for a new project: I’d like to launch a project, one I hope would then run indefinitely. However, to make it work, I need input from other pagans. Lots of input. I’m aware that … Continue reading

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The Pagan Community; do we exclude children and their parents?

HB Horne, Regional Coordinator for Somerset, asks some hard questions about our responsibilities to pagan families: The pagan community has been thriving in ever increasing numbers since the 60’s. Many believe that the recent UK census will reveal that the … Continue reading

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Where did all the Teenage Witches come from?

Jack Dark argues that they’re largely a creation of the media and marketing in the 90s, but the pagan community has a strong responsibility towards them now: I was a Teenage Witch! Well, sort of… I’d read a fair bit … Continue reading

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